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Swatantrata Abhiyan - for a larger freedom

Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal is a Nepalese non-government organization that works for the justice and end of impunity; for the end of deprivation through developmental activities together with government; and run campaigns against all forms of discrimination and slavery like practices. The organization is non-political, non-partisan, secular and mandated to work all over Nepal.

Today's Swatantrata Bichar

We might have our differences, but we are one people with a common destiny in our rich variety of culture, race and tradition.

-Nelosn Mandela, Johannesburg, 2 May 1994

Current Initiatives




Freedom from Deprivation

Swatantrata Nepal works through various interventions to attain freedom from deprivation. The deprivation it has...


Freedom from Fear

Fear of violence, abuse, exploitation and impunity are major concern for Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal. It believes...


Freedom from Discrimination

The end of discrimination among the people based on cast, gender and social economic status and authority for...


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